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Ermers Consultancy


Ermers Consultancy is specialized in research, development, coaching, training on ICT Technology projects.

Founder, owner, is Ruud Ermers. He has worked on many technology projects and has been teaching on these subjects for over 20 years. He owns a PhD degree in Mathematics and Information Technology and has worked at several departments of universities of applied science (Fontys Embedded Systems, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen ICT and others).

Expertise includes working with many development environments, programming languages and frameworks, like Eclipse, Visual Studio, Delphi, C, C#, C++, Pascal, assembler, Java, Win32, .NET, HTML/CSS/Javascript/NodeJS/Express etc.
Special interest in connectivity between embedded systems and computer systems (Arduino, ARM9, Android, Xamarin, AVR Studio, Visual Micro) and lots of interfaces (Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth, ESP8266, I2C, SPI, Serial, CAN)

He has teached on topics like mentioned above with a strong knowledge of UML, design patterns, mathematics, project methods like V-model, scrum and others.

Ermers Consultancy specializes in short research technology projects, course development and training.

If you have any enqueries on our projects or want to discuss the possibility to work together, be it in course development, research, application development, don’t hesitate to contact us. See the contact page for details.

I have a developer account on GitHub for my hobby projects which you can access here.